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and Abortion Reform - Merlin
More Children Protest Demanding Their Right To Free Speech,
Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:42am

Mairead McArdle

Students From Hundreds of Schools Walk Out to Protest Abortion

Students at hundreds of schools across the country walked out of class on Wednesday to to remember the lives lost and pain caused from abortion as well as to protest taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood.

More than 300 students or student groups at American high schools and colleges walked out of class at 10am for a moment of silence, according to Students for Life of America (SFLA), which helped get students organized.

The idea was inspired by California student Brandon Gillespie, who wanted to highlight whether schools would practice a double standard on student protests.

“Along with being a movement commemorating the millions of children who fell victim to abortion, this movement is one that stands for all students’ right to freedoms of speech and assembly,” the 17-year-old told National Review.

Gillespie’s teacher, Julianne Benzel, was put on administrative leave from Rocklin High School after she suggested schools might treat students who wanted to protest abortion differently than those protesting gun violence.

Just a few weeks ago, thousands of students held a national walkout on March 14 calling for gun control after 17 were killed in the Valentine’s Day Parkland, Florida school shooting.

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