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Mondo Fuego™
Fri May 11, 2018 10:26am

    • Wonderful! ~ Poppet, Fri May 11 11:21am
      And yes, they're on there... ;)
      • I shall ... ~ Mondo Fuego™, Fri May 11 11:48am
        ... henceforth call you Sara Poppet Standish, who, by her own admission, is somewhat Stand-off-ish. ;^}
        • I _am_ a tad aloof. ~ Popet, Fri May 11 12:48pm
          But 's a different family... P
          • As in snob? ~ GOG, Sun May 13 7:43am
            My ancestry goes back to 640AD. And one direct branch was on the Godspeed and came to Virginia in 1607. My surname is Pictish. It is as old a name as can be found in Scotland. But names mean little... more
            • Not about that. ~ Poppet, Sun May 13 1:58pm
              I'm snobbish* about my accomplishments, not about things I played no part in. * More arrogant than snobbish, actually...they're different things.
          • I could guess ... ~ Mondo Fuego™, Fri May 11 4:29pm
            ... but I won't. =: Anywayze, we're both pre-USA natives, not some first-general illegal fence-jumping, border-crossing Hondurans.
            • So what? ~ shadow, Fri May 11 6:52pm
              I am, too. That doesn't make us more special than any other American. Period.
              • Didn't say it did. ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Sun May 13 4:48pm
                It just makes us special ... you too. Period. ;^} So What?
              • It's just fun, in my case. ~ Poppet, Sat May 12 12:51pm
                Given that one of my best friends is Native American, I'm not exactly inclined to play the "here first" card! Of course, he's also a PhD-level anthropologist, and laughs about that topic, too, saying ... more
          • So is Trump. LOL (nm) ~ clint (I), Fri May 11 2:48pm
      • Your peeps crossed the pond in 1620. ~ Mondo Fuego™, Fri May 11 11:44am
        My peeps came from London about 1670. Then, we got the Land Grant farm in 1780. Been farming 238 years continuously.
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