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Trump Victory: North Korea details plans to dismantle
Sat May 12, 2018 9:40pm

nuclear bomb test site

Remember all of the appeasers (mainly, but not entirely leftists) who claimed that Trump was leading US into nuclear war with North Korea. They were WRONG.


    • Time wil tell Pray to God they do.. (nm) ~ cllnt (I), Sun May 13 1:47pm
    • so we can find out if NK actually has viable thermonuclear explosive devices they are capable of delivering outside their borders.
    • arent there 6 sites one of which ~ Trish, Sun May 13 7:13am
      collapsed making it unusable anyway?
      • How many sites did your God Obama shut down? ~ TEXRA, Taxpayer, Sun May 13 7:41am
        ...I guess apologizing to NOKO for America being great (and powerful) didn't work all that well. Do you still pee yourself every time Kim Jung Un rattles his sword...
        • you didn't answer the question ~ Trish, Mon May 14 5:55am
          not unusual but... a gentle reminder that this isn't about Obama rather the false kudos the right is trying to hand trump on a gold platter. To be honest I think what's happening in NK is a pretty... more
          • You are full of crap, as usual... ~ TEXRA, Taxpayer, Mon May 14 8:21pm
            ...want false kudos, go back and look at the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama, the total failure, got before he did anything. But stupidass little DUMocrat LOSERS continue to bitch and moan over Trump's... more
        • Same as Bush. (nm) ~ clint (I)), Sun May 13 4:09pm
    • One must never appease? ~ GOG, Sun May 13 7:13am
      Gosh. Why not? Someone has a gun to your head......appeasement seems to be prudent. But hey, it ain't over yet.
      • appeasement was almost the undoing of England.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun May 13 3:01pm
        ....many were convinced that Hitler had a gun to their head. ...until Churchill convinced them that you cannot negotiate with a tiger that has your head in it's mouth. IOW, appeasement can get you... more
        • That is the myth. It was drummed into ~ GOG, Mon May 14 7:58am
          my generations brain throughout schooling. Seems to have been some sort of hysterical mantra. Gosh, the thought police in Germany will put one in jail for questioning historical accounts.
          • That is a FACT of history... ~ KDM on the left coast, Mon May 14 4:54pm
            ...and Churchill led the cause for England to come to that reality concerning the intentions of Hitler & NAZI Germany. Indeed its called history...not the mythology, fantasies, and conspiracy stories ... more
          • Learn history. ~ shadow, Mon May 14 1:41pm
            Read about Neville Chamberlain and English Nazi sympathizers. You may be surprised at the actual facts.
      • Oh, did mean on KJU make you pee yourself again? ~ TEXRA, Taxpayer, Sun May 13 7:52am
        ...With the tremendous power that the US possesses we have no reason to appease a puissant like KJU. It is not a gun to our heads, it's a thorn in our sides... Will you buckle to every mouse that... more
        • Pride goeth before a fall. ~ GOG, Sun May 13 12:49pm
          Nothing I want, but history is full of surprises.
        • Is Israel a mouse? ~ 🔯GOG🔯, Sun May 13 8:40am
          That nation has 600 plus nukes and the means to deliver them. Where was the IAEA on that? President Kennedy wanted IAEA to inspect Dimona. Unfortunately he did not live to accomplish this. The fact... more
          • has Israel threatened any with nukes? ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun May 13 11:33am
            A small country in a bad neighborhood needs a 'big club' to keep those clowns in Tehran in check.
            • No quote at the moment ~ G🔯G, Sun May 13 12:52pm
              that I can recall. But no doubt Israel has let it be known she will wipe out any adversary that attacks and threatens Israeli existence. But my point is the outrageous hypocrisy.
              • No doubt that Israel has nukes... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun May 13 2:39pm
                ....and 'push come to shove' that may what gives some of their looney neighbors like Iran second thoughts about their own notions of a ' Allu Ackbar Crusade'.
                • Why does Israel pretend she has none? ~ GOG, Mon May 14 8:00am
                  Every one knows this.
                  • keep her enemies guessing? ;o) ~ KDM on the left coast, Mon May 14 12:05pm
           Israel pretending or just not officially acknowledging they have nukes. In any event, I suppose Israel's use of nukes would only be under the most dire of circumstances that if she is going... more
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