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Conservatives and other inquiring minds do find other
Thu May 17, 2018 10:49pm

sources. What you have though is a contingent of Americans that are not that inquisitive and sort of go with the flow. If people weren't watching them to a significant degree, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the others wouldn't bother to serve this contingent of people. Many of them vote and they're voting while being "informed" and "guided" by bogus information from highly partisan sources.

A fairly intelligent guy with a college education works across the hall from me. He's a great guy, but his priorities are such that he's not that interested in the fact that his news sources are highly biased. He's a busy guy with a side business and his priorities are getting things done so he can enjoy the great outdoors when he has some free time. He knows what's going on as far as current events, but he knows little else but the major points. He is not an anomaly. There's a significant group of Americans that fit into this or a similar lifestyle. They tend to be spoon fed by the alphabet leftist news outlets. Why? Because they've been with them for years just as their parents were.

In states where elections are close these people can make a difference. The difference they're making are influenced by what amounts to being LW propaganda outlets.

And yes! I'm always saying thank God for the internet because we have access to so many more sources of information. If you want to dig and check things out it's now easier than ever. Not everyone realizes they're being spoon fed propaganda and some just aren't that interested.

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