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‘Freedom of the Press Is Priceless’
Thu Jun 7, 2018 10:51pm

‘Freedom of the Press Is Priceless’

We speak of “the defense of the West.” What does that mean? Freedom of the press, for one thing. What does “the West” mean? It is in part a geographical term; but mainly it is a political term. (Think about Israel, Japan, etc.)

In France, a magazine called “Le Point” put the Turkish strongman, Erdogan, on its cover. The cover said, “The Dictator: How Far Will Erdogan Go?” Copies of the magazine appeared at news kiosks around the country. Accompanying the magazine were promotional posters, showing the cover.

Some Turks living in France didn’t like this. They threatened workers at the kiosks and demanded the removal of the posters. Some workers complied, understandably. Why risk life and limb for a poster? In at least one instance, Le Point requested that its poster be restored. It was. Police then surveilled that kiosk, as it has others.

The French president, Macron, had something to say. On Twitter, he wrote, “It is totally unacceptable for @LePoint’s posters to be removed from kiosks, just because they displease the enemies of freedom, whether in France or abroad. Freedom of the press is priceless. Without it, there is dictatorship.”

The response in Turkey? Fury, at least from the dictatorship. Erdogan and his men were mightily displeased with the president of France, and with France itself.

Macron is standing for an important principle and teaching an important lesson. If people in France or other democracies don’t like freedom of the press — and we are all annoyed by the press from time to time, or daily — there are a helluva lot of countries for them to retreat to. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

The next time President Trump shouts about FAKE NEWS! because he is annoyed by the truth, I'll know what to tweet him. '-)

    • Hardly seems like real press freedom ~ GOG, Fri Jun 8 9:14pm
      when 90% of all electronic and print media here in Babylon is owned by six international mega corporate giants who own everything else too. MSM is utterly controlled right down to the local level.... more
    • The Press is Dead ~ Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 8 8:54pm
      They have killed one another with spite, piss'n'vinegar, lies, deceit, avarice, bigotry, hypocrisy. Journalism is dead.
      • It's still alive. ~ GOG, Fri Jun 8 9:42pm
        One can find excellent journalists on altetnative sites. They are the ones fired or not hired for being honest. Whistleblowers of a sort. It's MSM that is dead. Fake news killed it.
    • "fake news"? Along with freedom of the press we have freedom of speech. What a terrible nation we'd be living in if we had state sponsored media in which we had no option or opportunity to rebut.... more
      • Nothing Wrong, Everything Right ~ Merlin, Fri Jun 8 9:32am
        to call out FAKE NEWS! or WOLF! when it actually is fake news or a wolf. But that is not the truth in very many instances, and more so every day. Trump has gained a lot of traction calling out the... more
        • in between. Half truths if you will. Or maybe "gray" areas. I think a lot of Trumps's tweets fall into that category as do much of the lamestream's stories. I don't like it either way, but they both... more
      • Most Of The Time... ~ Amadeus, Fri Jun 8 8:50am
        ...Trump uses the cry of "Fake News" to dismiss something that he doesn't like. It has nothing to do with whether or not the news is real or not. There is a fake news problem. You can see it on... more
        • as a nationwide institution, actually prints outright lies, inaccuracies, and generally speaking "fake news" is no big deal. Trump's cries of "fake news" gained plenty of serious traction because... more
          • I Disagree... ~ Amadeus, Fri Jun 8 12:56pm
            Most respected news organizations don't print lies, inaccuracies, or fake news. When they do get something wrong, they do generally print a retraction - something that actual fake news outlets rarely ... more
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