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Why They Are Checking DNA at Border
Sun Jul 8, 2018 6:25pm

Hope Democrats brains can process this.....PHEW!!

Ryan Fournier......1hMore
There has been a 314% INCREASE in adults arriving at the border with kids they are not NOT related to! That is not a family. That is child trafficking!

    • Nielsen should start wearing Sarah's signature smokey eyeshadow. Yes, it is child trafficking. But that is not why thousands of innocent children are being ripped out of the arms of their crying... more
    • We reside in a police state! ~ G🐍😳🐍G, Sun Jul 8 6:54pm
      The two political parties have nothing to do with this except BOTH instituted the appalling situation in Congress. All our ills come out of Congress. It's a natural proclivity for VIPs and control... more
      • Oops (nm) ~ VIPS should read COPs., Sun Jul 8 6:55pm
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