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A University for Non-Leftists
Mon Jul 9, 2018 12:32pm

TW, more synchronicity or is Treadgold lurking this board. I said to you a few weeks ago that conservative philanthropists with the deep pockets would do better than just whining about academic liberalism or funding guys like Steve Bannon but instead to put their money where their whining mouths are and fund new conservatives colleges and universities.. to provide a Safe Zone for conservative professors and students.


Treadgold believes that conservative philanthropists would do better founding a new institution, rather than trying to change a system he sees as beyond repair. But he does not flatter the self-styled conservative academic institutions we already have. As someone who has had an academic appointment at Hillsdale he feels comfortable dismissing the scholarship of much of its faculty, bemoaning the low caliber of the student body, and highlighting the venality of the administration.

More generally, Treadgold pointedly observes that colleges which swim against the dominant leftist tide are neither eminent nor influential. He does not see in these institutions the building blocks of an academic renaissance and a flourishing of learning. His ultimate aim is to encourage genuine scholarship, not the furtherance of a particular politics. The fact remains that the most original and impactful research is conducted at elite institutions dominated by a counter-cultural ethos. The American elite is educated disproportionately at these institutions, including Treadgold’s alma mater, Harvard.

Thus his proposal for a new university that is not self-consciously conservative, and that competes directly with academia’s top tier.

Treadgold has clearly given a great deal of thought to the details of this idea. Not only does he propose a location (the suburbs of Washington, D.C., to be near a center of power), but he has suggestions for the layout of the campus quadrangle, the character of the food in the cafeteria, and the university’s official stances on cultural touchstones such as free speech and gender.

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