Too Stupid To Really Exist - The Galactic-ish Empire
Mon Jul 9, 2018 11:05pm

Great commentary on the Star Wars Empire.



    • that humans do not have a brain designed to understand the complexities of star travel. Nor to create craft that are interdimensional. Nor are our current fleshy bodies designed for instant 2000 G... more
      • Reminds me of a joke. ~ DFM, Tue Jul 10 4:14pm
        The greatest industrial barons in the World were meeting in an industrial summit convocation. As counterpoint, they invited a team of scientists to give a projection of what the effects of current... more
        • How very profane!! ~ G👏🏾🤑👏🏾G, Tue Jul 10 8:15pm
          Haha. That is precisely where we are and the clock is ticking.
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