The FFs Knew the Constitution Would Become Outdated
Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:20am

The Constitution became outdated almost as soon as the ink dried and had to be updated.

That is why the Constitution also specifies how the Constitution can and should be amended Constitutionally.

And that is why the Constitution has been amended many times in the past when it became outdated.

Shortcutting the amendment process seems expedient each time it was done but in the long run has undermined the Constitution and the integrity of the Executive, Congress, and SCOTUS and made a mockery of the political process that is the foundation and the reason why America after more than two centuries remains great, notwithstanding those little red beanies to the contrary.

The guardians of that amendment process is the SCOTUS, and they have been remiss. The SCOTUS must stand firm and leave the making of amendments to Congress if we are to get back on the Constitutional track.

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