I would've like to see Trump turn to the Cacanaugh
Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:22am

girls and say this:

"Girls I'm about to throw your family and you into a mess --- where you will be attacked by the most vicious and evil people on earth. I promise, and I apologise. I hope you've deleted all you social media accounts because I don't want you exposed to that. If they can't find anything bad about your dad --- OR your mom, uncles, cousins --- you name it --- they'll just make something up. The do it all the time. You are about to learn first hand what I mean by "Fake News", and for that I am deeply sorry. But know this: WHEN they say all these evil things to you and about you and your family, YOUR DAD has spent his professional life DEFENDING THEIR RIGHT TO DO THAT --- as strange as it seems. THEY won't extend YOU that same right, but you have to be better than them, and be your same quiet dignified selves, and understand that the people in the country who REALLY matter, the ones who run most of the businesses, do most of the work, produce most of what we need, fix the cars, keep the eletricity and internet running, drive the ships and the drains, make the gas and oil, stock the shelves on the grocery store --- the ones you never hear from --- know that THEY are with you, and so am I."

    • So long as he or she is Gentile. ~ G😀G, Tue Jul 10 10:46am
      Let's have some diversity on The Court.
    • The effectiveness of the lies and fake news are apparent in the responses of these college kids. Not to mention the fact that they are very ignorant and easily misinformed because of that ignorance.... more
    • NBC Denver Has Already ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 8:32am
      started their slanted left wing news against Kavanaugh......SAD!!!
      • What do you expect republicans are THIEVES ~ Tell it like it is, Tue Jul 10 9:05am
        You did not get the last judge in a honorable way. Why would you think they would want your Orange Monkeys pick
        • during a US visit way back during the Eisenhower Administration when told bout all the great free enterprising shopkeepers of America stated "all shopkeepers are thieves." Haha. It's was sorta an... more
        • Apparently, You Did Not Get ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 10:02am
          your tax break.....poor thing.....must be, because you are on welfare.....poor thing....if, so, you are the thief....owning a computer and letting others pay for it, while you spend the day piddling... more
          • actually a lot of people did not ~ Trish, Tue Jul 10 3:48pm
            see tax breaks and not because we are on welfare. I have several smaller business people with whom I do business - they have gotten bubkus as have their employees. Now with terrifs its going to get... more
          • Some of us are retired. ~ G😝🙄G, Tue Jul 10 12:27pm
            While I might not be employed with the money purveyors, my ass is working around here for hours on end. By doing so my property is improved. That adds value to realestate. Therefore I contribute! Abs ... more
          • DEANNA THE WELFARE QUEEN ~ Tell it like it is, Tue Jul 10 11:49am
            Sits on her fat lazy ASS all day telling lies on others. Typically a Republican Trump supporter
            • OOPS....I See I Hit A Nerve!! LOL ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 3:43pm
              Sorry, if I nailed who you are and what you are......but, I must say you are 100% clueless about me.....other than I am a Trump supporter.....Yes! Indeed!!! No floozy Hillary for me.....I am not a... more
            • Hahahahaha🙃🙃. (nm) ~ G😂😂G, Tue Jul 10 12:28pm
              • LOL. ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 3:46pm
                There IS nothing wrong with being a greeter at Wal Mart......that would be an awesome job....to greet people with love!! Only, I believe Wal Mart did away with their "greeters" a long time ago........ more
                • Yes, I do shop there. ~ G🤑G, Tue Jul 10 8:10pm
                  I purchase batteries. That's about it. Then I go to Right Aid and buy my bourbon for half of what I pay at my local store. A greeted treated me very rudely at Walmart, the old bastard. Had I been in... more
                • folks go where they can afford to go ~ Trish, Tue Jul 10 4:47pm
                  you remind me of the person who berates someone for that $1 burger when a salad would have been $6. Your priorities are very dark, indeed.
                  • Do Tell Me ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 8:53pm
                    Where you find $1 burgers......I will be the first in line.....sorry!! LOL
                  • Methinks she might be a snob. (nm) ~ G🤔G, Tue Jul 10 8:12pm
                    • LOLOL ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 9:00pm
                      You would find you are VERY wrong......but, go on believing it ...if it makes you happy......LOL
                  • any similar stores. I own some Dollar General stock. Bought it in the low $70s and now it's at $100. :o)
                    • All Right!!! ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 8:55pm
                      I am not sure which name our store here is..... I am not much of a shopper....it's either Wall Mart or Kroger's....and only buy the cheapest....and on sell... The Dollar Store is further... more
                      • "on sale"....... ~ Deanna, Tue Jul 10 8:59pm
                        I price compare the stores too.....:) And remember which, has the best deal !! :)
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