This is what is so silly/tragic about the whole situation.
Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:47pm

Russians have been meddling in our elections for decades. Even the Canadians, mad about Trumpís incredibly stupid tariffs are targeting states which Trump carried with tariffs of their own. Why? Wait for it......to MEDDLE in our elections. This is nothing new. It is just a convenient excuse by progressives to explain why Trump won and to undermine his administration. Strzok knew that. So does Clinton. And Podesta. Heck, thatís why they paid the Russian operatives for the dossier. As Strzok said, it was an insurance policy. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and it is all designed to undermine our democracy and it is a direct attack on our Constitution and the republic. Enough.

Just my opinion, of course.

  • been attempting to meddle with elections and hacking computers far and wide doesn't appear to know the Russians or information technology. Anyone that doesn't believe they will continue to do it is... more
    • Instead of whitewashing the Russians and their assaults on the national security of the USA in an attempt to whitewash the involvement of American useful idiots, be they Democrats or Republicans or... more
      • I thought you were IT savvy? ~ TW, Sat Jul 14 5:53pm
        How do we stop them? Do you not think we are not trying to at least hack their systems and develop methods to disrupt their networks? Gather intelligence? Spy? Do you not think we are not trying to... more
        • I would have thought that we were doing that already, waging a hot cyberware on the Dark Web against States such as Russia, China, etc. so that we would not have been caught with our pants down... more
      • Oh brother! ~ G🇺🇸🐍🇺🇸G, Sat Jul 14 10:20am
        Love the hyperbole....grace and dignity of the American People. Suckers will believe this shit. These people fvk over the US and sell us back this BS schmooze? The Russians are a shell game... more
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