You forget how Babylon got its start😜.
Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:35pm

Like Hillary said...."we came, we saw, we killed." Kim is a pipsqueak. It's the same ol Carthage vs. Rome. What the "Virginia Company" seeks is total hedgemony and free access to the largest repository of unsullied virgin resources on this planet.... RUSSIA.

  • Russia is a parasite, always has been. Aggression is all they have. The entire economy of Russia is based upon oil, gas, and looting other nations. Latterday Huns.
    • You forget how Babylon got its start😜. ~ G🤑G, Fri Jul 13 10:35pm
      • Why don't the Russians develop these "unsullied virgin resources" instead of looking to steal the resources of others then. Because, they are parasites. Takers not Makers.
        • They are developing their resources. ~ G🤑🇺🇸🤑G, Sat Jul 14 10:09am
          And it's a threat to Babylonisn economic hedgemony. Take natural gas as an example. Russia and Babylon are in competition as to who will supply Western Europe with gas. Russian gas is cheaper. But... more
          • but they, like the Arab, contributes nothing to mankind's accomplishments...except Tolstoy and Algebra.
            • Come on. I recently posted a series of ~ G🙄G, Sat Jul 14 12:08pm
              Images of the rebuilt magnificent monetary just outside Moscow DESTROYED by the Huns..the Germans. I suppose you think German art and science is superior? Were the Germans or the Americans first in... more
              • Images of the rebuilt magnificent monetary? ~ Do You Mean Monuments To Themselves? - Merlin, Sat Jul 14 12:38pm
                Big deal. Even Ozymandias built monuments. Russian art? You mean artwork they looted from Europe? Those nesting dolls are cute, but I wouldn't call that Art. Their scientific accomplishments after... more
                • Well, sorta.... ~ GAG, Sat Jul 14 1:17pm
                  The spiritual revival in Russia is a restoration of art to the glory of God. Not unlike what the West accimplished with Vatican City and all the great religious art therein which so awes us. But... more
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