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I would say that America has been great...
Wed Sep 5, 2018 4:17pm

It wasn't particularly great to start with as it was small and poor. It grew both in size and economic wealth. It also made improvements socially increasing the breadth and scope of the rights of its residence steadily increasing the number of people enjoying full rights and the breadth of the rights they enjoyed.

IMO you are a fool to presume that it therefore MUST continue to become ever greater. I suspect there were Romans who presumed that the Roman Empire would last forever as well.

Care should be taken to postpone the day when the US is no longer a viable nation. It WILL come to an end someday, but if we are not careful we can hasten that day.

Trump and Cuomo will never be more than footnotes in history.

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    • I would say that America has been great... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 5 4:17pm
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