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Who is the real criminal in Clinton's email hacking case
Wed Sep 5, 2018 5:33pm

Who is the real criminal in Clinton's email hacking case


“On 13 July 2015 and 20 July 2015, I verbally advised you of a Section 811(c) referral from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community received by the FBI on 06 July 2015. The referral addressed the mishandling of classified information on the personal e-mail account and electronic media of a former high-level us Government official,” according to the FBI memo, which was hand delivered to Yates."

According this information, FBI knew Clinton's email was hacked by foreign nation (possibly China) as early as July 2015. For the sake of US nation's interest, they should let Clinton know this to stop using her private server for her business email. It seems Clinton knew nothing about it. Which may mean the FBI intending to frame her in a trap.

Moreover, Trump - a rival of Clinton in campaign knew this information. So he openly call Russian for a hake. He also threatened Clinton for a "jail". That represents the will of FBI. Fail to protect Nation's secret and leaking information in president campaign. Who is real criminal?

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