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The NYT has lost all credibility
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:25pm

It hires racists and has now been reduced to publishing political hit pieces from anonymous sources. Sad. The NYT is to the Democratic Party as Herr Goebbels and the ministry of propaganda was to the Nazi's.

  • I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. The Times today is taking the rare step of... more
    • It's just an op ed ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Sep 5 5:25pm
      But if it makes you feel good, believe it
      • Just An Op-Ed? What Did You Expect ~ Merlin, Wed Sep 5 6:07pm
        • Your pic is hardly appropo. ~ G😝😝G, Wed Sep 5 8:36pm
          Why don't you just refer to Anon. as your White House DEEP THROAT. And I am willing to bet the person is a Neocon Artist. What are we to expect.....this traitor to be published on a weekly basis? To... more
    • surrounded by traitors. He is isolated and much of the seeming schitzoid actions and decisions are WH official and various departments and agencies doing their thing and ignoring g the President. The ... more
      • They Are Protecting Trump From Himself As Well As the USA ~ and We the People - Merlin, Wed Sep 5 5:02pm
        Some call that treason, I call it the highest form of patriotism. These Americans play a dangerous game and are risking far more than merely their jobs to protect the United States of America from... more
        • Mentally unstable? Prove it. ~ G😳🇺🇸😳G, Wed Sep 5 9:02pm
          Do you have a psychological evaluation?? Where are we?... In the old Soviet Union? When was this mental determination made? By who? This President has been betrayed. Isolated. Disregarded on foreign... more
        • The posters here should realize that ~ Interesting, Wed Sep 5 5:22pm
          you do nothing but annoy and try to get under their skin with your immature blah blah blah. You see or read something and run like a monkey to be first to post it just like a teeny bopper announcing... more
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