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LOL...And Don't Forget Hillary
Wed Sep 5, 2018 10:21pm

she's behind it all......:)

  • They Got The Goods On Richard Nixon. Now They Are Getting ~ The Goods On Trump. There Is Even A Deep Throat , Wed Sep 5 9:44pm
    John Dean was in the news last week. I'm anticipating the arrival of G.Gordon Liddy any day now.
    • John Dean was right! ~ G🇺🇸G, Thu Sep 6 7:54am
      "Mr. President, there is a cancer working to destroy your presidency." CREEP! Every one of them INTEL SPOOKS. They set Nixon up for his fall. Had Nixon realized he was being sabotaged by the Deep... more
      • the swamp will never stop in its attacks on Trump... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Sep 6 8:34am
        ...the yammering & caterwauling for his impeachment & resignation has gone on since the night he won the election. Many simply can't get over the shock that their believed crook Hillary lost her... more
    • LOL...And Don't Forget Hillary ~ Deanna, Wed Sep 5 10:21pm
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