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I find it funny how every time
Thu Sep 6, 2018 9:20am

the white house changes parties, the other swears that the US is on the virtual brink of total disaster...

Some swore Regan was going to be the end of the US. Some swore Bush would destroy the nation. Some swore Clinton would ruin America. Some swore Bush would nuke the rest of the world. Some swore Obama would turn the US over to the UN. Some swear that Trump will destroy the United States...

Somehow it generally doesn't happen. Each and every time.

I guess one can assume that each and every president is dead set on destroying the country with only the faceless minions the reason that they don't...

I figure while some see each president as a paragon of virtue and some see each president as a virtual anti-Christ figure, the actual TRUTH is somewhere in between.

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