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Seldom can a POTUS destroy the nation. They can
Thu Sep 6, 2018 9:55am

do significant damage though. Obama did some serious damage.

Our military suffered under his tenure. Our world standing suffered. Our enemies were emboldened. Our economy suffered. The people suffered with mediocre employment and the need for public assistance.

Oh yeah Merl and others will say he saved it. And he did. He did the same way any other President would have. By pouring vast sums of money into it. After it was saved it languished the rest of his tenure due to his leftist policies.

Trump steps in, slashes regulations and provides business with the incentives to grow and invest and quit hunkering down like they did under Obama.

  • I find it funny how every time ~ Sprout, Thu Sep 6 9:20am
    the white house changes parties, the other swears that the US is on the virtual brink of total disaster... Some swore Regan was going to be the end of the US. Some swore Bush would destroy the... more
    • Seldom can a POTUS destroy the nation. They can ~ TW, Thu Sep 6 9:55am
      • from himself for the sake of the USA and the rest of us and fortunately he is getting it from his aides and staff.
        • What!? Get real!! ~ G😂😂😂G, Thu Sep 6 11:27am
          The President needs protection from the coup plotters. He is quirky but hardly mad. Just another spin playing yet another card from a marked deck of those who are gambling with our detrriorating... more
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