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It Is North of Redding, CA
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:16am

I had a friend trying to avoid the fires last evening to either get to some place further north.....or they were leaving the area???

  • Really!? I am checking to locate it. (nm) ~ G🔥⛈🔥G, Thu Sep 6 11:11am
    • It Is North of Redding, CA ~ Deanna, Thu Sep 6 11:16am
      • Yeah, I just located a report. ~ G🔥⛈🔥G, Thu Sep 6 11:41am
        It's north of Redding as you say where is located the smoldering Carr Fire. This new fire I believe is a USFS responsibility because it's Federal land. I notice on the Intellicast weather satellite a ... more
        • Thanks.... ~ Deanna, Thu Sep 6 12:27pm
          Stay Safe......:)
          • It's pretty far north of me. ~ G💨⛈🔥G, Thu Sep 6 1:50pm
            Thank you. However I reside on a "haystack" that is so very dry. It only takes a spark by some idiot to set it all on fire.
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