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You know damned well the swamp
Thu Sep 6, 2018 12:30pm

is bi-partisan. Were you interested in the general excessive deeply endemic political and governmental corruption I would cheer. But you are a partisan who has a great big fat beam in your eye. Your agenda is obvious. Dispatch conservatives and forever have liberals rule. You forget the human brain is many faceted and right-of-center concepts opposite to your political Nirvanna never can be fully con strained. By attempting to have total political domination your ilk creates lots of misery for the people. You might obtain a temporary place in history not unlike the old Soviet Union, and other historical examples down through the ages. You might have a victory. That's it....nothing permanent.

  • Newsflash! ~ Amadeus, Thu Sep 6 9:18am
    It has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary. It has to do with criminal acts on the part of the president and his campaign/administration that involve campaign finance, the election, the emoluments... more
    • You know damned well the swamp ~ G🇺🇸😳🇺🇸G, Thu Sep 6 12:30pm
    • my, aren't you hysterical this morning... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Sep 6 9:55am
      ....For all of Trump's shortcomings & faults, the swamp won't be cleaned up until we get rid of much of what passes for the Democrat party as well as a bunch of Republicans.
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