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"He or she have already done so quite nicely
Thu Sep 6, 2018 2:51pm

without resigning."

NO! They have not! Not in the least. And I am far from alone in that opinion.

You and some others may be, but slinging mud from where one cannot be seen is least of all "quite nicely" and actually appears to be quite cowardly.

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    • "He or she have already done so quite nicely ~ TW, Thu Sep 6 2:51pm
      • Calling Anonymous Names Changes Nothing. ~ Sticks and Stones And All That - Merlin, Thu Sep 6 4:30pm
        As if supporters of Trump No Matter What would be calling Anonymous...or Lodestar as do those speculating it is Pence...a courageous hero. They should be thanking Lodestar et al for helping to... more
    • Your son is hilarious. ~ G🇺🇸👁🇺🇸G, Thu Sep 6 11:18am
      This DEEP STATE mole is a coward. Furthermore, if he had any principles he or she woukd have resigned from the WH job way before becoming a saboteur. Thomas Moore threw away his life. He is in the... more
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