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Thu Sep 6, 2018 9:56pm

Jack Murphy……Sep 5
BREAKING: Trump On The Verge Of Declassifying 20 FISA Docs That Has The Deep State Freaking Out

Sen. Rand Paul said he believes anyone with a security clearance who works at the White House should undergo a lie detector test to figure out who wrote the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times

Charles V. Payne……..4h
United bans straws
Burberry bans furs
Levis attacks guns

all this virtual signally will not work and new age billionaires can't buy their way out of social justice- the rejection of capitalism

Charlie Kirk……2h
Why do Trump supporters get banned for pushing the envelope yet liberals who incite genocide against white people keep their accounts, aren’t suspended, and then get jobs at the New York Times?

Byron York……2h
On night of third day, over 30 hours of hearings, Sen. Leahy asks Kavanaugh how he is doing. Kavanaugh sounds positively chirpy: 'I'm doing great. It's an honor to be here, senator.’

Dan Bongino……..58m
The anonymous coward who wrote the NY Times op-ed says, don’t worry “the adults” are in charge. Here’s what the adults gave us:

1) 20T in debt
2) The economic collapse
3) The housing crisis
4) Endless wars
5) Obamacare
6) Broken public schools
7) The student debt crisis
And more

Sharika Soal…..3h
When people lecture me about racism it's weird..

My name is Sharika and I'm obviously not passable for any other race but black.

I clearly understand what it feels like to be the subject of racist hate.

I still say Americans should move on and focus on saving children

Tucker Carlson……..2h
The assistant deputy undersecretary of god knows what decided he’s king, you’re a moron & we’re doing things his way. If you ask questions about it he calls you a racist & cancels your Twitter. He never stops lecturing you about how vital democracy is & how you’re a threat to it.

Gov. Mike Huckabee…….3h
Sad to learn of death of Burt Reynolds, one of the nicest ppl I had pleasure to meet. Spent time w/ him at his home-he unselfishly gave time and money to assist young actors and teach at community college in Jupiter, FL. Classy, warm, and very funny. #BurtReynolds

David Burke…….2h
Keep it up, Democrats. Your “Spartacus” tactics, rude “Citizen” protestors, badgering of a Supreme Court nominee who knows more about the Law & Constitution than the entire Democrat Senate caucus combined [plus he’s a really nice guy] are not unnoticed by the American people.

James Woods……1h
How can Blumenthal make such moronic misstatements of simple fact and not be ashamed? A semi-automatic weapon and a machine gun are not remotely equal in their destructive capability.

Peter J. Hasson……..5h
Wyoming GOP Office Set On Fire Less Than Two Days After Opening -- Police Say It Was Intentional … via @DailyCaller

Donald J. Trump…….3h
Are the investigative “journalists” of the New York Times going to investigate themselves - who is the anonymous letter writer?

Laura Ingraham…….2h
Spartacus!? More like Spoof-icus. @CoryBooker grandstands on confidential docs already deemed public. #PartyofStunts

Andrew Pollack…….4h
Liberals need to stop wasting their energy protesting Kavanaugh. His confirmation is a given.

They need to start focusing on how to keep Ginsberg alive and healthy for at least the next 6 years…

The Columbia Bugle…….29m
President Trump: "The so-called resistance is angry because their horrible ideas have been rejected by the American people and it is driving them crazy.”

The Hill……33m
Trump tears into Montana Dem senator: "He loves the swamp”

The Hill…..37m
Tucker Carlson: We have a "pretty good idea" who wrote anonymous NY Times op-ed

The New York Times…….40m
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she will leave it to Congress to decide whether states can use federal funds to purchase firearms for their schools

Dan Bongino…….3h
Liberals: “We demand transparency regarding the documents.”

Same Liberals: “You’d better not declassify the FISA application!”

#Frauds #Hypocrites

Chuck Woolery…..7h
Nike’s New Spokesman Hob Knobs With Sharia-Supporting Linda Sarsour

The Hill…….5h
Ann Coulter mocks Dem senators: They're competing for "Most Hysterical Woman”

Ari Fleischer…….5h
Ari Fleischer Retweeted Glenn Kessler
Wouldn’t it be great if this episode blows to smithereens the media’s generous use of the word “senior” administration official? I’ve long thought anyone with a juicy enough quote will be called “senior” by reporters, even if they’re a mid-level aide no one ever heard of.
Ari Fleischer added,
Glenn Kessler
Verified account

Eek: "I feel that we followed a definition that has been used by our newsroom in the past." This suggests Anonymous is not member of Cabinet or senior WH official, in which case it should not have been printed. 100s would qualify under this rubric.

David A. Clarke, Jr…….2h
Come on now. ENOUGH with referring to the BUFFOONISH BEHAVIOR of Corey Booker in Kavanaugh hearing as THEATER. It is an insult to aspiring actors who work hard at their craft. Booker is a poor man’s Obama. Obama at least had ACTING skills. Booker’s in a category with Al Sharpton.

Michael Flynn, Jr……5h
🇺🇸Michael Flynn Jr 🇺🇸Retweeted The Associated Press
You gotta be kidding me. @RealAlexJones has been banned!

What a crock of sh#t @Twitter @TwitterSupport

Bunch of whiny cry babies that work for your organization.

“OMG words hurt me so much!!”
🇺🇸Michael Flynn Jr 🇺🇸added,
The Associated Press
Verified account

BREAKING: Twitter is permanently banning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars for abusive behavior

Michael Flynn, Jr………Sep 5
🇺🇸Michael Flynn Jr 🇺🇸Retweeted Stonewall Jackson
Remember this tweet below
🇺🇸Michael Flynn Jr 🇺🇸added,
Stonewall Jackson

President Trump has wisely kept his ammunition. He has the ultimate weapon with his ability to expose everything by releasing documents and unredacting anything he wants. Like I said, timing is everything, people have short term memories - October surprises are done for a reason

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