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What Is All The Outrage At Anonymous All About Not so much a
Fri Sep 7, 2018 7:38am

Not so much about their working behind the scenes sub rosa and in camera to make President Trump look good and keep him (and US) from falling prey to his worst inclinations.

Rather, the outrage is all about Anonymous stepping out from behind the curtain and exposing the magic of Trump.

And leaving the Trump Establishment faced with a quandry:

1. Do they hunt down, punish and make a admonitory example of Anonymous et al.

2. Or do they leave Anonymous et al in place to continue their work and trust that all memory of the Op-Ed will fade with the advent of the next news cycle.

*Granted, with mixed results but considering the pickle we would be in by now without their efforts we are lucky they have done as well as they have.

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