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The left keeps dragging the nation down into new lows.
Fri Sep 7, 2018 8:10am

Every low move they make tends to become the new political norm. That in and of itself is a depressing fact.

It appears to be political suicide on an installment plan. For their party, if they don't eventually get a handle on it. For the nation's political suicide, if the right follows suit.

How the hell do they think Trump got elected in the first place?

Clue For Dolts: It was not with the aid of the Russians.

The left lost to Trump because they offered a wretched miserable loser like Hillary. They put all the lipstick they could on the pig, but it was still a pig. The right lost to Trump because they offered the same old same old that did nothing but offer the same old if they were to become President.

The nation was desperate and wanted what Trump offered bad enough to risk electing him to do it. It's that simple. I hate to say Trump was smarter than the rest, but he did have an ear for what most real American's wanted.

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