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It's one thing after another with you.
Fri Sep 7, 2018 8:36am

This week the talking point is the President's mental state. It's surprising that if President Trump is unstable then not insinuate Aspartane as a Swiss cheese brain-additive cause? Surely a study is there somewhere? And you have a true nutcase, Donald Rumsfeld, as a fine example of Aspartane impact on the human brain. The obvious is what it is....that the President is being "bitten" by a thousand "fleas". It's not easy to center upon a steady course when one is swatting at a thousand bites by traitors such as the WH Brutus's, NYT Zio-rag, and the MSM media monopoly that paints a false narrative. The seditious elephant in the room is the federal government itself seeking to overthrow a President. Can you say COUP?

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    • It's one thing after another with you. ~ G🤔😝😏G, Fri Sep 7 8:36am
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