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And That IS Your Opinion.....LOL (nm)
Fri Sep 7, 2018 9:25am

  • I Did and Found I Would Not Be Outraged At All. Amused, Yes. ~ Because Obama, Say What You Will About Him,, Fri Sep 7 8:31am
    never repeatedly over the course of his to terms as POTUS exhibited the frequency and degree of mental instability that has POTUS Trump in just the last 18 public and reportedly even more... more
    • "Everyone"? ~ G😚G, Fri Sep 7 10:03am
      Only the coup plotters take this "seriously." It the greatest piece of hyperbole in the history of bullshit.
      • President Trump Us Taking It Seriously ~ Merlin, Fri Sep 7 1:41pm
        as arem most Americans because it rings true with what they have been seeing and hearing from Trump directly with their own eyes and ears firsthand.
    • And That IS Your Opinion.....LOL (nm) ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 7 9:25am
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