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I Will Say This...
Fri Sep 7, 2018 9:32am (XFF:

I'm not endorsing any particular action, especially those of the Democratic senators on this committee. Were I to do so, I would be looking for effective action as opposed to actions that ultimately undermine their positions.

What bothers me is the idea that Democrats should uphold the norms no matter what. That what is most important is that no matter how Republicans abuse the system, abuse power, abuse the norms - Democrats must uphold the norms. That dynamic has only one outcome, and we are seeing it right now: two terms of a Democratic president thwarted and frustrated by a minority using the threat of filibuster as a constant response to any legislative overtures, judicial openings held up until they could filled by Republican political allies, widespread gerrymandering designed to hold power for a waning political party, the Trump presidency, the dismantling of protections for the people, the refusal of a Republican Congress to hold the president to account... the list goes on and on.

I absolutely want better. But I'm not going to get it by Democrats upholding norms, am I?

I have come to the conclusion that I am not.


  • I think that the Senate Democrats should ask Anonymous if he/she could lend them a hand to resist succumbing to their worst inclinations.... more
    • I Will Say This... ~ Amadeus, Fri Sep 7 9:32am
      • Everything you state the Repubs have been doing have been done and are being done by Democrats today. In many cases they are the first to engage such actions. (SEE: The origins of Gerrymandering -... more
        • Take Gerrymandering, For Example... ~ Amadeus, Fri Sep 7 2:38pm
          I despise it. Done here, done there, it's wrong no matter who does it. However, when you devise a national strategy to use state level control to enact gerrymandering on a wide scale to entrench that ... more
      • Well said. It's true. ~ G👏🏾👏🏾G, Fri Sep 7 10:05am
        Both parties are hypocrites.
      • are actions that ultimately undermine their positions, not effective action. Playing at political gamesmanship in terms of playing aggressively, bending but not bending the rules and sharp practices... more
        • You seem to suggest the demonstration ~ G👁G, Fri Sep 7 8:53pm
          are not of the people? Right or left, the People rightly speak wherever when galvinized to do so. I rather enjoy Code Pink. I do not care which idealogy so long as their right to protest reasonably... more
        • Like I Said... ~ Amadeus, Fri Sep 7 11:12am
          I'm not endorsing any particular actions in this context. I'm separating those from the general issue of upholding norms and whether it is the job of Democrats to do this on their own without the... more
        • Well said! (nm) ~ TW, Fri Sep 7 11:07am
    • Kavanaugh is a surprise. ~ G🤔G, Fri Sep 7 8:21am
      From what small bits and pieces I have garnered from listening to snipits of these proceedings, Kavanaugh is not a pushover. He is clear headed, knows his profession, and has an emotionally steady... more
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