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Fri Sep 7, 2018 11:02am

David Burke………55s
Remember in 2010, when then Senate Judiciary Chairman, Patrick Leahy, called on members of the Committee, Republican & Democrat to be fair during the hearings and abstain from questioning the integrity or independence of Elena Kagan? Republicans complied. They won’t in the future

Michael Sullivan…….38m
When @FoxNews offered to sponsor a #TNSen debate in Chattanooga (which included broadcasting it statewide on TN's most popular cable news network) @PhilBredesen blocked it, refusing to participate in a debate that @foxnewspolitics was a part of. #Sad #JustAnotherLiberalDem

Anonymous G…….3h
Oh, how edgy.

Candace Owens…….20m
Trump should put @CoryBooker on payroll.

He is clearest example of how unhinged the left has become, and turning people away from the Democrat Party.

My guess is that they will force Obama to pinch hit or there will be a definitive red wave in November.

Charlie Kirk…….59m
74% of Republicans are extremely proud to be American

32% of Democrats are extremely proud to be American

Our divide is no longer Republicans VS Democrat

It is whether you love this country or hate it

Mark Pantano…….2h
Dear New Jersey,

You should hang your head in shame.

Ari Fleischer…….2h
Under the Constitution, the President, not an anonymous White House staffer, gets to decide what the “right” direction is for the country.

The NYT op-ed was deceitful and selfish.

Gov Mike Huckabee……..3h
The RNC should send a locally-sourced, organic fruit basket to Dems to thank them for making it easy for the GOP to create campaign ads. The latest-just clips of recent behavior by the Dems. Watch it at the link. The title is “The Left is Crazytown.”

Monica Crowley……3m
"more jobs than expected"... "wage growth hits post-recession high..." #MAGA

Bill Mitchell……20h
How dumb is Cory Booker? He did his whole "Sparticus Moment" KNOWING he would be busted as a faker, AND the email he released proved Kavanaugh is NOT a racist.


Diamond and Silk……18m
If @Facebook didn't know who we were, why did they verify our page with a blue check mark in 2015? We talked about "TRUMP" and promoted several posts with the name TRUMP included. Now FB has a case of amnesia like they don't know who we are. Undercover Censorship at its finest.

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of NIKE’s, the recommended course of action is returning them to the NIKE store or corporate warehouse, & when asked for the reason for return, state ‘They hurt my feet when I stand for the National Anthem.’

Donald J. Trump…….4h
What was Nike thinking?

Real Runners…….4m
Live simply. Love generously. Speak truthfully. Pray daily. Leave everything else to God.

Dr. Lynn J. Anderson…..7m
Psychologist: #Trump May Be the Sanest Person in White House Ever!
#StandWithTrump & #MAGA

Former President Obama will step back into the political fray, delivering a speech today that will preview his 2018 midterm election message and provide his most pointed rebuke to date of President Trump

Paul Sperry……14h
BREAKING: FBI omitted Russians calling Carter Page 'an idiot' from FISA warrant, along with other exculpatory evidence, before spying on Trump campaign

Washington Post……13m
Analysis: Trump cuts to the chase and rolls a "Fox and Friends" interview into a campaign rally……20m
Trump: Even Lincoln Was Targeted By 'Fake News’

Jack Posoblec…….9s
Posobiec and Stone: The Podestas are both going down

The Hill…….2m
College nixes uniforms with Nike logo over Kaepernick ad campaign

Villi Wilson……..3m
Villi’s Tip to today’s youth ...
One of the most challenging things in life today is trying to be yourself in a Democrat world that wants to indoctrinate you into being exactly like everyone else …

The Daily Caller……..2h
Trump Calls For New York Times Reporters To Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Writer

Tom Fitton…….9m
For their closing argument, Dems are bringing in...a disbarred lawyer who was convicted for a cover-up after being the top lawyer for the only president ever driven from office, and who defended the corrupt acts of an impeached president.

Jonah Goldberg…….4h
Jonah Goldberg Retweeted Chris Hayes
My kid knows kids from affluent, educated, families who think the moon landing was faked (and other nonsense)— all because of YouTube videos.
Jonah Goldberg added,
Chris Hayes
Verified account

My favorite example of how informationally toxic YouTube's algorithm is this:

Imagine you're high school freshman and got a school assignment about the Federal Reserve.

Dash Riprock……5h

Richard Blumenthal fondly remembers the days when he woke-up to the smell of napalm. All of those days trudging through rice paddies with his fellow troops and his trusty M16; fighting the Viet Cong.

Oh wait....he made-up those lies about his military record!

      • Awww.....So Do You ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 7 2:32pm
        respond to the comments that the other make about a news article?? I will agree there are some real losers.....but, I don't bother to argue or chit chat underr articles...most of the time..... :) And ... more
    • Charlie Kirk is an idiot. ~ KR, Fri Sep 7 11:19am
      Being "proud" to be American is a silly concept. I am not proud to be American. I did not work hard or accomplish anything to become American....I was just born here. There really is nothing more to... more
      • you'd not feel as you do, but then, I doubt our military would accept you.
      • ….we don't need TRAITOR sh!t like you anyway.
      • the ideals of America are worthy ~ Trish, Fri Sep 7 5:53pm
        of pride. The reality, however, is something very different. If we are not willing as a people to take a long hard look at our failures as a nation, then we will become no better than Rome .. except... more
      • You should have been born in North Korea, Iran or Syria ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Sep 7 12:19pm
        You ungrateful un-American snowflake. You should probably move to some place that is "more convenient".
      • Democrats that don't have a high opinion of their nation...your opinion of Kirk does not surprise me in the least. You really should move to a place in which you can possibly develop a love for the... more
        • the overall history of our country is worthy of pride... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Sep 8 12:55pm
          ...anyone incapable of acknowledging that is either ignorant or stupid. And that is in spite of its' shortcomings & failures in almost 250 years. Not long ago I was conversing on social media with a... more
        • I'm sad to realize I'm doing just that: ~ Poppet, Fri Sep 7 12:47pm
          That is, realizing I'm finding it increasingly difficult to be proud of this country. Or, more accurately, I find that the aspects I'm proud of are largely found in the country's history , and not... more
          • I wish you would get on with it. ~ G🤔🙄G, Fri Sep 7 6:56pm
            Nothing worse than someone promising to move away but the linger and linger like a slow Chinese water torture...drip drip drip. As for the history to which you refer, that is the stuff of lolly pops... more
            • Wish in one hand... ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 11:20am
              ...and crap in the other, loon. See which one gets full first. Oh, and should you ever be inclined to return to the blue board, don't bother. Your posts will be deleted on sight.
              • Blew Board? My attempts to dump on HH ~ G😏G, Sat Sep 8 1:32pm
                will not go through. I told you I am banned. It's surprising you do not know that. Frankly that board achieved the worst internet experience for me, going back to 1991. It's all because y'all coddle... more
                • You have no idea, fool. ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 3:24pm
                  I know quite a bit more about what goes on over there than you do...and you still have no idea why. Priceless. HH is, I agree, every bit as much of a blight over there as you are were. Working on... more
                  • It seems like the place is top heavy ~ G😚😏😝G, Sun Sep 9 9:33am
                    with Admins. I was one of a few with no "power." Otherwise I would have canned me and HH a long time ago. Wait!.....I did can myself😀.
          • Looking towards Japan huh? I really enjoyed my year there. I enjoyed the people, the culture, the history, and even the geography. I'd love to go back for a visit. I'm inclined to believe they've not ... more
            • Yep, that's my target. ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 11:22am
              I find, after a fair bit of travelling, that there's no place Id rather live these days than Tokyo. I love Portland, but honestly, there's no comparison. Once I get established there (it's going to... more
          • Please take a moment to itemize ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Sep 7 1:00pm
            … the factors leading to the decline of our nation. I think it would be helpful. Perhaps we should all do this to see if we have a consensus on certain factors.
            • I'll start a new thread for it. ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 11:18am
              Seems like it might make for a good conversation...
            • The consensus is whether to go down ~ G😝😏🙃G, Fri Sep 7 7:01pm
              with the ship, or offshore ourselves along with Ploppet. But she procrastinates. By the time she unravels her complex finances the last grain of silica will have dropped. But I confess a certain... more
        • Yep, pretty much nails it.... ~ KR, Fri Sep 7 11:58am
        • It simply means that being "proud" to be American is a silly concept. Pride comes from accomplishment, not random chance. I am fortunate that I was born here instead of Syria or Mexico or many other... more
          • That way you would be off doing charity work and not bugging us. Within the paradigm of "civilized" accomplishments you are obviously a moron. No nation and people have accomplished what the US has... more
          • Have at it ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Sep 7 12:22pm
            … move to Canada or France. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.
      • Dayum, we already knew that about you! ~ YAWN, Fri Sep 7 11:26am
        But, you get a A for being honest for once in your time posting here.
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