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Take Gerrymandering, For Example...
Fri Sep 7, 2018 2:38pm (XFF:

I despise it. Done here, done there, it's wrong no matter who does it.

However, when you devise a national strategy to use state level control to enact gerrymandering on a wide scale to entrench that control and take effective control of Congress despite a popular vote deficit, you have taken it to an obscene level.

Blocking a particular, qualified appointee for political reasons only? Not the purpose of advise and consent. Annoying. When you stall hundreds of judicial appointees because you're coordinating with a national effort to use gerrymandered control of Congress and then waiting on control of the presidency so you can install political allies on the bench, you have taken it to an obscene level.

Filibuster? A necessary tool in a body ruled by the majority. Abusing it for the purpose of grandstanding every once in a while? I think most folks find that forgiveable, since the person doing it usually has to actually DO it. They get up and make the effort. But when a political party in the minority informs the majority party that it should consider all legislation under threat of filibuster, and that any legislation introduced without vetting and approval by the minority leadership will automatically be filibustered - that is taking it to an obscene level.

Refusing to consider the nomination of Garland. Obscene.

All those things, Democrats just wrung their hands. I do not blame them if they decide that there is nothing to be gained by upholding the norms.


  • Everything you state the Repubs have been doing have been done and are being done by Democrats today. In many cases they are the first to engage such actions. (SEE: The origins of Gerrymandering -... more
    • Take Gerrymandering, For Example... ~ Amadeus, Fri Sep 7 2:38pm
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