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Oh That Obama, Doubling the National Debt Again
Fri Sep 7, 2018 5:18pm

And this time there was not even a major recession bordering on the brink of a Greater Depression.

  • I think that Obama's tax cut for 2018 ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Fri Sep 7 5:12pm
    is what really got things going. /sarc
    • Oh That Obama, Doubling the National Debt Again ~ Merlin, Fri Sep 7 5:18pm
      • No, The Economy Was Stagnant ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 7 6:41pm
        under Obama....he and his henchmen were full of hatred and destruction and they certainly have not changed one iota!
        • The Numbers Prove Different ~ Merlin, Fri Sep 7 6:55pm
          Obama started with an economy that was grinding to a halt and spent trillions to reverse the decline and get it back up to speed. Trump inherited an economy that was almost back up to speed and... more
          • economies do have their ups & downs... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Sep 8 12:41pm
            ...and Presidents do get either too much credit or too much blame for the state of the economy under their watch. Having said that, policies implemented by any number of Presidents have had some... more
          • Bahahahahahaha ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 7 7:59pm
            Sorry, you are desperately worng on this one...... Obama's "shovel ready" failed big time....many of his solar companies (supported by taxpayer monies) went belly up.....he barely squeaked by year... more
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