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Contrary to his best judgement to
Fri Sep 7, 2018 6:43pm

do the opposite. Which is to say the President is not in charge. Israel and the MIC are running the show. Is there any better evidence that President Trump is becoming a total captive? No!

  • Apparently Anonymous have convinced President Trump to resist his worst inclinations - to cut and run by this Christmas and leave the field to Russia and Iran.... more
    • Contrary to his best judgement to ~ G😝G, Fri Sep 7 6:43pm
      • Maybe Trump's Heel Spurs Came Out Of Remission Preventing ~ Trump From Cut and Running Away - Merlin, Fri Sep 7 7:09pm
        • Ridiculous. ~ G🙃🙃G, Sat Sep 8 8:43am
          This nation has literally bankrupted itself by embracing the Neocon PNAC policy agenda. I won't bore you with the facts about 911. Syria is a quagmire. Has not the MIC made enough blood-money profit? ... more
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