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Get real!
Fri Sep 7, 2018 7:20pm

We're it a "grain" he would not have been savaged by the net nannies. It's clear his stridency regarding conspiracy facts, such as the 911 inside job "caper" was worrying to the inside jobbers. The mutual aid society came to the rescue and booted Alex's beefy ass out of Internet existence. I love democracy don't you...😂

  • Alex Jones. He appeals primarily to nuts and conspiracy theorists. A very small segment of the right. Is there a grain of truth to what he spews. Sure! That's why the nuts buy into so much of what he ... more
    • Get real! ~ G😝😏G, Fri Sep 7 7:20pm
    • Ted Cruz lambasted the Sandy Hook parents who are suing Alex Jones to stop Jones from accusing them constantly of being actors and faking the murder of their children which has resulted in Jone's... more
      • "...gaining popularity..." ~ G🙃😗😏G, Fri Sep 7 7:26pm
        Now you know. Obviously the great debate cannot accommodate contrary debate. We're it so Alex Jones would still be a part of the WWW national dialogue. He has been culled. Free speech is only in the... more
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