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You seem to suggest the demonstration
Fri Sep 7, 2018 8:53pm

are not of the people? Right or left, the People rightly speak wherever when galvinized to do so. I rather enjoy Code Pink. I do not care which idealogy so long as their right to protest reasonably is Constitutionally assured, and free of violence.

  • are actions that ultimately undermine their positions, not effective action. Playing at political gamesmanship in terms of playing aggressively, bending but not bending the rules and sharp practices... more
    • You seem to suggest the demonstration ~ G👁G, Fri Sep 7 8:53pm
    • Like I Said... ~ Amadeus, Fri Sep 7 11:12am
      I'm not endorsing any particular actions in this context. I'm separating those from the general issue of upholding norms and whether it is the job of Democrats to do this on their own without the... more
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