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Deplorable Otis
Fri Sep 7, 2018 9:09pm

..took 3 hours to drive through Denver!!!

    • LOLOL.....Welcome To Denver!! ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 7 9:19pm
      Where the Colorado Legislature does nothing about the roads.....most of them are the same as they were in 1963....when I moved here I could not believe the awesome 4 lane freeway that you could go... more
      • There is a huge underground city ~ G👀G, Sat Sep 8 1:23pm
        below the airport. The entire airport is satanic.
        • LOL ~ Deanna, Sat Sep 8 2:56pm
          It might be........who knows??? :)
          • Satanic art throughout the airport. ~ G😝✝G, Sat Sep 8 5:49pm
            Who in their right mind when boarding a plane wants to see a gargoyle jumping out of a suitcase? Fear of flying needs no symbolic evil to spoil the flight. Carry a cross and wear a lei of whole... more
            • The Blue Horse With Lightening Eyes ~ Deanna, Sun Sep 9 10:09pm
              will probably do you in.......Let alone the huge "winged" motel building in front of all the white teepees....LOL Hey, DIA is an adventure waiting to happen......ENJOY!!
      • ..but that was just between the runway and the terminal.... seemed like we were taxiing for an hour.
        • LOL ~ Deanna, Sat Sep 8 11:30am
          YES!!! huge!!! :) And gets more expansive all the time!! They have better management, than the state of Colorado......:)
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