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Brava! My : Corporatocracy
Sat Sep 8, 2018 12:49pm

Corporatocracy is I think at the heart of the matter in terms of the decline in some ways as it relates to men and women of the USA and nations in general.

Many corporations today are in essence supranational.

Their nation of incorporation is no longer an accurate clue as to where the corporation's interests and loyalty lie.

I think Romney was half right when he said that corporations are people in a sense. Mitt omitted mentioning that while a corporation is a person, it is not a member of homo sapiens.

Supranationals can have a brick and mortar presence in 100 and more nations, an Internet presence in every nation, Executives, members of the BoD, and corporate shareholders who are citizens of virtually every nation on the planet. And their interests and loyalty are to the corporation first, the nation in which they are citizens or currently reside, not so much,

I think that corporatocracy is having a huge effect on national governance and whose interests are being served.

I think that if today Lord Palmerston were the CEO of a supranational corporations he would state at the AGM:

We have no eternal national or human allies, and we have no perpetual national or human enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and these interests it is our duty to follow.

  • In a thread below, Mondo asked me to enumerate some of the reasons I see this nation and society as being in a possibly-irreversible decline. I thought that might make for an interesting discussion... more
    • Robert Heinlen... in one of his novels... ~ Sprout, Mon Sep 10 8:39am
      pointed out one of the signs of a 'sick' society was people identifying with a sub-group more than the group. The most dangerous thing is the hyphen.
    • At my age... ~ Deplorable Otis, Sun Sep 9 10:07pm
      Im enjoying life and all the things that make it a rewarding experience......beyond that......I dont care what happens. Im certainly not going to spend time worrying about future generations!
      • I respect that outlook. ~ Poppet, Mon Sep 10 1:36am
        I share it, to at least some degree. This thread arose from a discussion in which I mentioned I've begun preparations to emigrate. I have no progeny, nor am I likely to. I just don't have a lot of... more
    • great insights ~ Trish, Sun Sep 9 7:37am
      Greed in this Nation kills so many things. Consider a basic political campaign
      • sorry hit post too soon ~ Trish, Sun Sep 9 7:50am
        The price tag for the 2016 election (presidential and congressional) was a horrific sum of 6.5 BILLION. How many people could that feed? How many houses for homeless vets could that build. Superpacks ... more
        • The malaise in education is a killer. ~ Poppet, Mon Sep 10 1:40am
          I just don't see how any for of government "by the people" can succeed if the people lack critical thinking skills. And yes, superpacs are a blight...but the existing mutant system that they're a... more
    • Are best days are still ahead. ~ Eleanor, Sat Sep 8 4:05pm
      As long as the Constitution lives and people cherish freedom, we Americans will survive, debate, and prosper. There is no shame in leaving if you think otherwise. Just my opinion, of course.
    • Brava! My : Corporatocracy ~ Merlin, Sat Sep 8 12:49pm
      • Therein lies the rub. ~ G🤑🤑🤑G, Sun Sep 9 9:28am
        And is much of the impetus towards globalism. Corporate-Internationalist driven. Their seat of power is New York City. The political doctrine is wrapped up in the Wolfowitz 'Doctrine.' An... more
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