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Blew Board? My attempts to dump on HH
Sat Sep 8, 2018 1:32pm

will not go through. I told you I am banned. It's surprising you do not know that. Frankly that board achieved the worst internet experience for me, going back to 1991. It's all because y'all coddle a POS over there, the hostess fully under his leftist spell. I do go in and read some of the posts of interest.

  • Wish in one hand... ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 11:20am
    ...and crap in the other, loon. See which one gets full first. Oh, and should you ever be inclined to return to the blue board, don't bother. Your posts will be deleted on sight.
    • Blew Board? My attempts to dump on HH ~ G😏G, Sat Sep 8 1:32pm
      • You have no idea, fool. ~ Poppet, Sat Sep 8 3:24pm
        I know quite a bit more about what goes on over there than you do...and you still have no idea why. Priceless. HH is, I agree, every bit as much of a blight over there as you are were. Working on... more
        • It seems like the place is top heavy ~ G😚😏😝G, Sun Sep 9 9:33am
          with Admins. I was one of a few with no "power." Otherwise I would have canned me and HH a long time ago. Wait!.....I did can myself😀.
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