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When Did Kim Ever Tell The Truth?
Sat Sep 8, 2018 2:27pm

Kim will lie to SoKo the same way he lied to President Trump.

Difference will be that while Trump was a sucker grasping for a Nobel, SoKo knows better to be bamboozled by Kim.

  • leader during Obama's term of office.....????
    • When Did Kim Ever Tell The Truth? ~ Merlin, Sat Sep 8 2:27pm
      • You Did Not Answer The Question.... ~ Deanna, Mon Sep 10 9:26am
        How Democratic of you.....LOL
      • Don't make up stuff!! ~ G😝😝😝G, Sun Sep 9 6:25pm
        Who says President Trumpnis angling for a Nobel? Pure BS!! Obummer got one before he sat down upon the oral orifice. A "peace" prize of all things. He ought to do the right thing and return it and... more
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