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Afternoon Tweets.......
Sat Sep 8, 2018 2:52pm

Chuck Woolery……..27m
We have an expression, in Texas, for men like #Obama. "All hat and no Cattle.”

Thomas Sowell……..18h
"One of Obama's great gifts is the ability to say things that are absolutely absurd and make them sound not only plausible, but inspiring.”

Sharyl Attkisson…….1h
Flashback: Remember that time virtually all major press orgs quietly complained about Obama admin. unprecedented acts vs reporters? “This is the most closed, control freak administration I’ve ever covered.”--David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent, The New York Times, 2013.

The Federalist…….57m
Kim Kardashian Has Done More For Justice Reform Than Kaepernick

Dan Scavino, Jr……Sep 7
.@larry_kudlow: “Job gains, wage growth show Trump's economic boom continues”

Mark Dice……..17h
Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. Apple has become Big Brother. Alex Jones' Infowars app just banned from App Store.

Ben Shapiro…..Sep 7
Obama demonstrating once again that his chief priority is Obama, not the success of the Democratic Party. If he cared at all about his party, he'd shut up and go away. Now he's uniting Republicans against him.

Dr. Etiquette…….7h
Flashback! “Jobs of the past just aren’t gonna come back. What are you going to do? Wave a magic wand?”

Obama is now taking credit for a great economy that he, HIMSELF, said we would never see again.

Thank you President Trump.

Raise your hand if you're still trying to figure out how Obama can credit himself for economic numbers he himself, said would never happen

Washington Exsminer…….22m
GOP mocks Cory Booker for "Spartacus” gaffe

Gov. Mike Huckabee……5h
I concede that Pres Obama has nice singing voice. Heard him warming up backstage singing “Me me me me me me me me me!”

The Hill…….33m
WATCH: CNN's Lemon laughs during montage of current Trump allies attacking him before 2016 election

Dan Scavino, Jr…….43m
.@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy Writes NYT Op-Ed, Eviscerates ‘Anonymous White House Official’

The Hill…….53m
GOP senator says he "regularly considers" leaving Republican party

As Sweden flirts with the far right, Europe holds its breath

Sebastian Gorka Dr G……..7h
Sebastian Gorka DrG Retweeted Katrina Pierson
And @BarackObama used the Espionage Act to silence journalists he didn’t like. More times than all the 43 presidents before him.
Sebastian Gorka DrG added,
Katrina Pierson
Verified account

The guy that used a pseudonym to communicate w/ Crooked on her secret unsecure illegal server (lied about it), AND illegally obtained warrents to spy on the political opposition. Should be the “Ethics” in Government Award. The 2019 recipient will be Rahm Emanuel!

Paul Begala……..28m
Paul Begala Retweeted Sen. Patrick Leahy
A very, very serious charge from the senior-most Member of the United States Senate. @SenatorLeahy has been through 19 Supreme Court confirmations. No one should take this lightly.
Paul Begala added,
Sen. Patrick Leahy
Verified account

Untruthful testimony, under oath and on the record.

Guy Benson………5h
Guy Benson Retweeted Sen Dianne Feinstein
His answers were true. And the “stolen” memos were sloppily left on an unprotected shared server & showed your party plotting to block a judicial nominee because of his brown skin.
Guy Benson added,
Sen Dianne Feinstein
Verified account

Brett Kavanaugh used materials stolen from Democratic senators to advance President Bush's judicial nominees. He was asked about this in 2004, 2006 and this week. His answers were not true.

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