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sorry hit post too soon
Sun Sep 9, 2018 7:50am

The price tag for the 2016 election (presidential and congressional) was a horrific sum of 6.5 BILLION. How many people could that feed? How many houses for homeless vets could that build. Superpacks must stop and we need to have a level playing field on how much each runner can spend on their campaign. Anything over that amount raised should return to the citizens in some form. If you are going to work for our nation, you should have a responsibility to use campaign funds wisely.

I have been speaking for over 30 years about the dumbing down of America. People laughed at first. They are not laughing now.

Term limits MUST be put in place. I am sorry but 60 and 70-year-olds are, for the most part, out of touch with society as a whole. People in that age range account for only 10% of the population while those between 20 - 40 make up about 43% of the population. Age disparity matters in everything, including politics.

I am glad to see that some politicians are finally getting what they deserve for backdoor dealings. It would be naive to think that said persons have not been doing so for many years before finally being caught. I do not care who it is folks, if you have lied under oath, committed tax fraud, laundered money etc. there needs to be a penalty enforced. Politicians and those with money for a "get out of jail free" card have been skirting the law long enough

  • great insights ~ Trish, Sun Sep 9 7:37am
    Greed in this Nation kills so many things. Consider a basic political campaign
    • sorry hit post too soon ~ Trish, Sun Sep 9 7:50am
      • The malaise in education is a killer. ~ Poppet, Mon Sep 10 1:40am
        I just don't see how any for of government "by the people" can succeed if the people lack critical thinking skills. And yes, superpacs are a blight...but the existing mutant system that they're a... more
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