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Therein lies the rub.
Sun Sep 9, 2018 9:28am

And is much of the impetus towards globalism. Corporate-Internationalist driven. Their seat of power is New York City. The political doctrine is wrapped up in the Wolfowitz 'Doctrine.' An artificially constructed corporation is in no way a personhood. Probably the biggest blundering decision the US Supreme Court has ever achieved in its "wisdom."

  • Brava! My : Corporatocracy ~ Merlin, Sat Sep 8 12:49pm
    Corporatocracy is I think at the heart of the matter in terms of the decline in some ways as it relates to men and women of the USA and nations in general. Many corporations today are in essence... more
    • Therein lies the rub. ~ G🤑🤑🤑G, Sun Sep 9 9:28am
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