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NEXRAD: The enemy within.
Sun Sep 9, 2018 10:00am

Weather experimentation and warfare upon the US population? Gosh, what a fantastic claim. Yes, if one accepts this as a impossibility. However the attached two links provide proof of how weather manipulation is achieved. NEXRAD is a weather machine operating behind the cover of "benign" radar image weather forecasting. The close to 200 US installations cover the entire continent with Hasrp plasma rings. These are owned by the Pentagon, created by Raytheon (God's Ray), and operated by the NATIONAL Weather Service. These facilities operate as a science wrapped up in an 'art form.' These two attached videos display how the coordinated 'machine' works it's magic, and the resultant destruction. Some of you only have about 10 minutes of mental concentration. Which says you are morons. Go away. These vids are for patient thinkers who understand paying close attention is the key to grasping reality.

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