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Since you are totally ignorant of Science, your opinion is
Sun Sep 9, 2018 10:53am

totally worthless.

The key here is energy. The typical thunderstorm dissipates power at the rate of 1011 watts. In ordinary notation, that is 100,000,000,000 watts, or one hundred billion watts. Even a high powered radar operates in the power range of a megawatt or so, that is 1,000,000. Most radars operate at much lower power levels.

In other words, you are claiming that radar energy can control a storm that is at least 100,000 times, and perhaps millions of times, as powerful as the storm. Nobody in his right mind believes such nonsense.

That is like pulling an eighteen wheeler with a wind-up toy.


  • NEXRAD: The enemy within. ~ G💨⚰⚡️G, Sun Sep 9 10:00am
    Weather experimentation and warfare upon the US population? Gosh, what a fantastic claim. Yes, if one accepts this as a impossibility. However the attached two links provide proof of how weather... more
    • Since you are totally ignorant of Science, your opinion is ~ DFM, Sun Sep 9 10:53am
      • And to add to my poignant comments above... ~ G🌪⚰🌪G, Sun Sep 9 11:33am
        There are a those who DO KNOW the science of weather warfare. My habit is to invest my dendrites where are found those who ARE knowledgeable, and who produce a push-back against the weather warfare... more
        • There is no such thing as "the science of weather warfare". It is a Science Fiction concept. DFM
          • able to recognize. His "authorities" are crackpots and cranks.
            • No problem. ~ G👁🤔👁G, Mon Sep 10 6:20pm
              If you had bothered to watch and listen to my video above, you would know top scientists realize the atmosphere is being whited out by FAKE CLOUDS. They know this because they know more than you do.... more
          • Granted, Walt Disney did produce a few ~ G💨😚💨G, Sun Sep 9 5:23pm
            propaganda flicks on the topic. He was an early confirmation of the plans to control the weather. Sometimes the cat is innocently let out of the proverbial bag. We are all by varying degrees... more
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