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Granted, Walt Disney did produce a few
Sun Sep 9, 2018 5:23pm

propaganda flicks on the topic. He was an early confirmation of the plans to control the weather. Sometimes the cat is innocently let out of the proverbial bag. We are all by varying degrees ignorant. One cannot know everything. At least I am humble enough to accept my shortcoming. Which is why I seek out experts who know more about weather control than you do. Otherwise I would ask you. Correlated with my personal visual observations is these weather-terrorist video expo'ses are factual. You have your opinion. I have mine.

  • There is no such thing as "the science of weather warfare". It is a Science Fiction concept. DFM
    • able to recognize. His "authorities" are crackpots and cranks.
      • No problem. ~ G👁🤔👁G, Mon Sep 10 6:20pm
        If you had bothered to watch and listen to my video above, you would know top scientists realize the atmosphere is being whited out by FAKE CLOUDS. They know this because they know more than you do.... more
    • Granted, Walt Disney did produce a few ~ G💨😚💨G, Sun Sep 9 5:23pm
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