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The malaise in education is a killer.
Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:40am

I just don't see how any for of government "by the people" can succeed if the people lack critical thinking skills.

And yes, superpacs are a blight...but the existing mutant system that they're a part of is so very deeply entrenched that I don't see any way top remove it short of either violent civil unrest or a breakup of the union. Perhaps more to the point on a personal basis, I just don't have the inclination to fight any longer. I don't mind a fight...but it has to be one with at least some possibility of victory...and I think we're past the tipping point here.

  • sorry hit post too soon ~ Trish, Sun Sep 9 7:50am
    The price tag for the 2016 election (presidential and congressional) was a horrific sum of 6.5 BILLION. How many people could that feed? How many houses for homeless vets could that build. Superpacks ... more
    • The malaise in education is a killer. ~ Poppet, Mon Sep 10 1:40am
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