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Gee...I feel ashamed of such a simple question
Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:14pm

You sure put me in my place! LOL!

  • No, I mean lollipops and candy canes. ~ G😳🙄😏G, Mon Sep 10 1:05pm
    Imbecile! If you had bothered to bask your dried up brain into the entire video's scientific facts you would not be showing your stupidity. Say no more. Do not embarrass yourself any further.
    • Gee...I feel ashamed of such a simple question ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Sep 10 1:14pm
      • You should. ~ G👁😝👁G, Mon Sep 10 6:29pm
        It's obvious, like TW, you did not watch and listen to the video. Whiting out our blue skies is not very smart. Dimming our sunshine all day long is not very smart. The ramifications are yet to be... more
        • You've said it yourself ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Tue Sep 11 6:33am
          You don't understand the science. Enough said.
          • Gosh, excuse me for not being a science-savant! ~ G😬😁G, Tue Sep 11 9:54am
   you know so damned much? What are the categories in which you are learned? Let's hear it. Show me your Phd in sewer plant management. Let's see your BS! Or quantum physics. Maybe you... more
            • Yawwnnnnn....basic science, not PhD levels... ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
              My undergraduate degree is in Engineering and I also have an MBA. And in my opinion, and others here, YOU are the one with the insipid comments. You admit to not have even the fundamental science... more
              • So when have I not backed up my assertion ~ G😝😝😝G, Tue Sep 11 1:37pm
                without a cororborating video or linked article to those who know way more than you?? Never. And I give you the basics and the Phd. What is insipid about that? Of course I am not insipid. I admit to... more
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