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Re: Amazonís Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea
Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:15pm

Located here:;article=660288;title=Civilized%20Personal%20Discussion

I found the article from the FNYT to be quite interesting with some good hyperlinks. I was somewhat surprised to see that there are actually people interested in outfits like Amazon from a monopoly standpoint. I think it should always be a primary concern of society when too much power is concentrated in the hands of a relatively small few. Government, corporate, or otherwise. That doesn't always mean that action needs to take place. I think it does mean that we need to watch closely and begin a process of making contingency plans should things take a nasty turn. Technology moves so fast these days, I think it's wise not to get caught unprepared. Maybe the FTC needs a division investigating and studying such matters on a continuing basis.

Democrats in particular have feared all the power Walmart has consolidated in the business market, but Amazon is Walmart on steroids. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are 3 of the biggest players in the internet age. You don't hear the majority of Democrats all that concerned about these outfits. Could it be because their leadership tends to lean left? Microsoft and Apple seem a bit more second string these days as they seem to have a fair amount of competition. Their power certainly seemed more feared in years past.

We should also fear the power of the few in government and government bureaucracies to inflict damage as well. Outfits like A&P, Walmart, and Amazon have contributed much in the way business is done. It would be a terrible mistake to put too heavy a hammer on the progress outfits like these make to society.

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