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Meddling with hurricanes. Update.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:32am

Hurricane Olivia, like her predecessor Norman, is being blown apart. The storm, artificially stalled just to the northeast of Hawaii has been squatting there for a number of days. Like a toy being ready for the chop. And indeed that chop came overnight when the weather controllers finally blew it apart. Like Norman. Same MO. Having now been downgraded to a tropical storm with much lessened winds, the savaged storm will be allowed to cross over the Islands. Meanwhile former Hurricane Norman is still alive way north of Hawaii, isolated, spinning counter-clockwise, and blockaded from merging with a large gale-force low just to its north. Fascinating stuff. Meanwhile Category 4 Florence is fast approaching the east coast. The scripted models suggest it will plow into North Carolina and Virginia by Friday. Installed high, one to her south and one to her north just about guarantees the shot put is on target. A wee tweak to a higher pressure at the south of her, and the Swamp could have some fresh water. Plus a suspension of the copious BS for a few days.

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