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So when have I not backed up my assertion
Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:37pm

without a cororborating video or linked article to those who know way more than you?? Never. And I give you the basics and the Phd. What is insipid about that? Of course I am not insipid. I admit to many things. Should I turn into a ignoramous? Of course not. Does one require fundamental science to know that to touch a flame is dangerous? And that fire is hot? No!! There is a huge difference between understanding a topic and being an expert. Discussing the minutiae is not my skill set but understanding the overview is. You are so educated you have the underview.....of a straight jacket. And an elitist snobby attitude.

  • Yawwnnnnn....basic science, not PhD levels... ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
    My undergraduate degree is in Engineering and I also have an MBA. And in my opinion, and others here, YOU are the one with the insipid comments. You admit to not have even the fundamental science... more
    • So when have I not backed up my assertion ~ G😝😝😝G, Tue Sep 11 1:37pm
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