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You are working under their supervision and on their
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:37pm

behalf. Typically doing the work they assign.

Sure the federal government is paying the bill.

Regardless of what you seem to believe, this person is not performing any meaningful service to anyone but themselves.

  • The person who hires you is not your employer ~ unless it is their own business. - Merlin, Tue Sep 11 12:30pm
    The United States of America is not owned by Donald Trump. Trump is an employee of the USA and is paid by the USA.
    • You are working under their supervision and on their ~ TW, Tue Sep 11 2:37pm
      • We'll Know Only When Anon Steps Forward And Puts All Their ~ Cards On The Table - Merlinm, Tue Sep 11 2:54pm
        Given Trump's mental instability both publicly and privately and Trump's being steered away from his worst inclinations until now I think there obviously are more people involved than just Kelly and... more
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