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Loony (nm)
Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:01pm

  • How will the criminal Fourth Estste deal with ~ SEPTEMBER 11. Ring a bell??, Tue Sep 11 12:56pm
    a bad memory? Will they treat this inside job like they have done with Fukyshima? One never a hears a peep about that insane death-spewing radioactive existential blunder built up on the Pacific... more
    • in UFOs on the Moon, that the Moon jumps around and flips upside down, the JFK assassination was set up by the CIA, chemtrails, government weather control. How do you expect to be taken seriously... more
      • Put another way, ~ G🔯🇺🇸🔯G, Tue Sep 11 8:43pm
        why should I be taken seriously about 911 if I dare broach UFOs on the moon. And the other seemingly fringe concepts?? Well, truth be known I would not mix my "metaphors" but for the facts about the... more
        • How laughable. A country the size of a postage stamp is supposed to dominate the World? Get back on your meds. You are delusional. DFM
          • Here: Go to 6:09 on video. ~ G💥🔯🔥G, Wed Sep 12 10:00am
            See the documentation of thermate in the 911 dust. Not small amounts but copious amounts not burned off during the demolition. You want to argue with the PHD physicists? You want to argue with the... more
            • Link: ~ LINK, Wed Sep 12 10:02am
     Ignore Florence. Go to 6:09 and weep.
              • of either thermite or C4 damage. DFM
                • Why don't you take on Dr. Jones? ~ G🔯💥🔯G, Wed Sep 12 12:38pm
                  He has two PHDs in physics. Do you know more than he does? Or try Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.... A 3,000 member strong organization that says otherwise. You really have no ... more
                  • I have done MUCH better than that. ~ DFM, Thu Sep 13 9:44am
                    I have seen hundreds of photos of girders taken by a personal friend at the storage dump where the investigation took place. No cutting charge marks. No thermite marks. The rest of your nonsense is... more
                    • No, you did not do better. ~ G💥🔯💥G, Thu Sep 13 11:54am
                      You have produced a anecdote. Your "friend" is mythological unless you produce images. Stephen Jones, PHD has the physics of the matter to back him up. Photos AND science facts. His analysis cost him ... more
    • Loony (nm) ~ KR, Tue Sep 11 3:01pm
      • Here doofus: ~ G🔥🔯💥G, Wed Sep 12 10:06am
        Try some physics: Argue with PHDs in physics: Ignore storm Florence. Go to 6:09. Face the FACTS!!
      • Really? I realize you are a one word ~ G🔯🇺🇸🔯H, Tue Sep 11 6:04pm
        bullshitter. On occasion you go as high as two short sentences. So my asking you to tell me how big is the MSM crocodile tear on this day of infamy is shiv waste of energy. Betrayal has become... more
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